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For the NBA this highly commercialized sports leagues, the ratings sometimes is much more important than winning or losing, cheap nba jerseys but technology is to improve it.

2014-2015 season NBA Finals just ended, the best team in the Golden State Warriors beat the best eventually star LeBron James, wholesale nba jerseys and the finals of the ratings also hit a new high, average per game has 19.2 million people watching, and the last of the number of viewers reached 23.3 million. Results of the ratings in 1998, Michael Jordan led the Chicago Bulls against the Utah Jazz since a new high.

For the NBA this highly commercialized sports leagues, the ratings sometimes is much more important than winning or losing. Therefore, in order to make the game cheap authentic nba jerseys look more intense and stimulating - whether in the front or the television scene, NBA invest in new technologies every year a lot of money, is to allow comparison becomes cooler.

We summarize the NBA those cool new technology, custom nba jerseys some of them appeared in the finals on.

Leaving aside the fact that the fierce arena of collision, the third game before the finals, to be held in the stadium floor 3D light show is also very attractive attention. The light show, the stadium floor looks like a gently laid on top nba jerseys china of the lid in a large pothole, these boards sometimes inverted, sometimes down, sometimes projections, really very realistic. After that, the floor and it seemed to be a big screen, the classic shot some games on it, and some of the movies looked as enjoyable.

The implementation of 3D light show also draws a company called Quince Imaging force. They advance a number of ultra-high-power projector mounted on the nba custom jerseys stadium roof beams. Use set at different angles of the projector project a different brightness of light, it is possible to create such cool 3D light show.

Although this is not the NBA's first aid Quince Imaging 3D light show to make his game became more cool, but the cheap nba authentic jerseys use of this technology can lead every time the audience humming. In fact, NBA in the use of the latest technology to make themselves more cool on the road, never stopped their own pace. Every time a new technology does make use of all NBA is becoming increasingly interesting.

For most viewers, the most direct or those being used in television cheap retro nba jerseys technology. Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has always been a tech geek, and in providing the best television experience, he also spared no effort for the Mavericks, American Airlines Arena league introduced the first set of FreeD device (360-degree field of photography ), dedicated to provide high-resolution 360-degree three-dimensional television images.

The light that these authentic nba jerseys cheap terms are basically useless, it is better to use a personal feel after the broadcast picture FreeD equipment.

Is not it cool? The principle behind this is actually not too complicated. First, many of the high-definition cameras will be installed in every corner of the stadium to capture every moment of the motion picture. FreeD has a unique algorithm can be captured retro nba jerseys cheap by the camera to each pixel, positioned within the real three-dimensional space. In other words, each pixel to obtain a three-dimensional coordinates. With the help of these three-dimensional coordinates, FreeD technology will be able to restore all of the cameras to capture images into 3D images, it can be like in that picture nba jerseys cheap china above shows, reducing every moment of the game from different angles.

Developed FreeD technology company called Replay Technologies, as the name suggests is dedicated to providing sports replay technology company. They are currently the main product will still FreeD technology. Depending on the scope of use, divided cheap nba swingman jerseys SOLO freeD System and ARENA freeD System. The former is for a fixed position of the three-dimensional reconstruction, suitable batsman to hit a baseball moment in baseball. The coverage of the latter is much larger, the use of the football game, you can cover the entire stadium.

However, there is a nba jerseys wholesale technology that has temporarily not been particularly widely accepted. In the NBA arena, only one All-Star Game and the Dallas Mavericks chose to install the system.

Apart FreeD, virtual reality sounds like a cool thing, so nba wholesale jerseys many companies have been trying to virtual reality technology and NBA bundled together.

At this year's All-Star Game, the NBA official technology partner Samsung got three different companies working authentic nba jerseys wholesale together virtual reality virtual reality video shoot a lot of All-Star Game.

Among the most impressive is BigLook360 Samsung and NBA All-Star Game a shot. BigLook360 did not use very sophisticated filming techniques. They merely existing cheap nba jerseys wholesale HD and 4K camera technology combined use originally installed on the court several GoPro video cameras and virtual reality installation in front of a RED Epic cameras, it is possible to create a higher quality a.

Of course, you want to capture images of virtual reality is still a relatively difficult thing in the NBA arena inside. Cameraman had to shuttle among wholesale nba basketball jerseys the various conventional television equipment. They are also not the same as those of traditional TV can set its own workstation, so had often view the remaining space camcorder battery and memory card. They also need to tell a number of people who accidentally into the lens: "Sir, please do not stand in front of the camera."

Although the process is very complicated, but the NBA is still very hard to try to use virtual reality technology to broadcast NBA. cheap wholesale nba jerseys The main reason is this. In the Stadium to watch NBA, especially those good seat position, just behind the player's bench in a row, can provide opportunities for ultra-close look at basketball. This makes NBA and other sports are not the same as soccer, rugby these movements only allows the audience to enjoy long distance in the air.

For this reason, the development of virtual reality imaging NBA is hoping that the chance of such ultra-close look at the game to every audience. If after the successful development of this technology is really capable of, then wholesale nba jerseys china later even if we look at the broadcast, equivalent to we bought the most expensive tickets on-site spectators. Think a bit excited about it.

In addition to these changes as a fan of technology and we can directly see, there are a number of techniques have also been used in the NBA which, although we do not know, but it will surely enhance the experience of fans cheap authentic nba jerseys from china watch the games. For example, many fans may be a data control, like to get data to compare several different players compete.


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